Do you need a lockpicker in Brussels city to open a door without doing any damage ? Contact us and we will get you in touch with our locksmiths in brussels.


Lockpicking Brussels

If you have lost your key or you shut the door and left the key on the other side or you have any other lock problems, and you don’t want to break the lock to open your door, our company can respond to your problem by sending you lockpicking locksmith in Brussels.  In fact, our lockstmih are trained to open any kind of doors without breaking the lock ; so that, you keep the same lock and you keep the same key.

Why is it important for the customer to have a good lockpicker ?  Many of times, our customers are not the owner of their flat or appartment, so if they break their lock or they door to open it, they may get into trouble facing their landlord.  And if, this landlord is a company, they may get suit for having broken the material and finally, cost more than expected.


Why locksmith like breaking the locks ?

Not all locksmiths want to break a lock or a door to open it…

First of all, it is a matter of quickness.  Many locksmiths do not want to waste time by trying top open a door by lockpicking method, they prefer to break to go faster even if this solution can affect the customer interest.

Also, there is a matter of cost.  If a locksmith break your lock he’s gonna sell you a new lock having more profit for him.

Finally, there are times when a door can’t be lockpicked and need to be broken, but it is rare.


Our advantages

  • First we don’t break the lock
  • We can be at your house of flat in less than 30 minutes
  • We operate 24h/24 and 7 days
  • We are very communicative and we do our best to satisfy our customers.


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